Boost your organic ranking with off-page optimisation

Search engine optimisation is a multi-process strategy to help improve the organic ranking of websites. However, one of its most rewarding elements, off-page optimisation, is frequently left last on the list because the process takes place on third-party websites and out of the direct control of marketers.

A successful off-page strategy will earn backlinks passively. Image courtesy of Pixabay

What is off-page optimisation?

Off-page optimisation is a process which is sometimes mistaken for link building. To be fair, they are almost similar. However, while link building focuses exclusively on acquiring links, off-page optimisation focuses on earning links.

Since links are one of the three most important elements of search algorithms, successful off-page optimisation could mean the difference between being on the first and tenth page of search engine results.

Tips for off-page optimisation

Pick unique and thematic keywords:

When submitting content to external sites, be sure to use unique and thematic keywords to create a more unique and varied backlink profile for your site. Third-party publishers would also appreciate the variety in anchor links. For instance, instead of just going with shoes, try longer keywords which are geared to specific pages, such as ‘brown leather shoes’ or ‘white four-inch heels’.

Internal link hierarchy:

Every page on your website should be part of a greater hierarchy. Creating a structure of the many pages on your website will allow an even distribution of link juice.

Distribute topical infographics:

This is probably the easiest way to obtain backlinks. Nevertheless, very few webmasters choose to go this route, for one reason or another. As long as you create a topical, accurate, current and compelling infographics and efficiently promote them on social media, the infographic will get a life of its own and start making a home at multiple websites.

Seek interviews:

This obviously only applies if you’re a thought leader or market veteran. If so, seek out interviews. These will create a lot of buzz, and usually, a healthy number of backlinks. It doesn’t matter if it’s a written interview, a video interview, or a podcast.


Networking is an excellent way to become a niche authority. Engage with others within your niche and develop a positive reputation. Once you are seen as an authority figure, people will start to use or cite your website, articles or quotes in their content.

There are numerous other ways which you can use to expand your off-page optimisation. However, also take the time to regularly audit your backlinks. Remember, the objective is quality, not quantity.