Use Google Adwords to improve your organic rankings

Google AdWords is a pay-per-click advertising platform run by Google. Using a bidding system, the company allows advertisers to serve relevant ads based on keywords used in search queries. Marketers commonly call this pay-per-click advertising paid traffic or search engine marketing. Companies are free to spend as much or as little as they like for every campaign. Google also offers companies the flexibility to serve their ads to specific demographics, age groups and household income levels.

Wait a minute! Organic traffic is supposed to be free, so why are we spending money on paid traffic? Yes, it’s a contradiction. However, if your organisation is acquiring traffic from multiple channels, including paid ones, you can indirectly leverage AdWords to boost your organic traffic – even if Google has made it clear that paid traffic will not improve organic rankings. So what’s the deal, then?

Pay-per-click advertising can indirectly spur organic ranking. Image courtesy of Pixabay

1. Brand recognition

Brand recognition improves conversion rates. Purchasing decisions are usually tied to emotion and psychology, which explains why we tend to buy from people or brands which are familiar. So, even when customers do no click on your pay-per-click ads, the product or service will be stored in their memory. During the next purchasing window, customers will be more inclined to purchase your product voluntarily. Heck, they might even Google or Bing your brand!

2. Incremental clicks

When potential customers run search queries, your pay-per-click ads may appear alongside organic listing on search result pages. For some reason, customers are more likely to click the organic listing even in the absence of the ad. Google themselves did a study on this, and the results were surprising, to say the least. Apparently, no cannibalising occurs when ads are run, and when the ads are paused, organic clicks will soar.

3. Word of mouth

The engagements of people who click on ads tend to last long after purchasing decisions. Many will go speak about the product or service, mention it on social media, and in many instances, even link back to the product. Taken collectively, this will boost organic rankings.

4. The side effects of keyword bidding

AdWords keyword bidding process is quite competitive – and expensive - in popular categories. However, when companies focus on high performing keywords, the lower performing keywords will be neglected. So when end-users run an unpopular search query, there will be an absence of par-per-click ads on the result page. This will significantly narrow down options for customers to organic results, which will lead to higher click-throughs.