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Me, DaveN and Ralph Tegtmeier (Fantomaster) at SES London 2008

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

I was on the organic search forum on the first day, with  DaveN, Ralph Tegtmeier (Fantomaster), and Steve Johnson. CartoonBarry has a photo, interesting black,white,black,white seating arrangement.

Here's my quick summary:

  • Use multiple domains to maximise coverage across local country and indexes.
  • nofollow usage is getting out of control - seems to undermine the core concepts around Googles algorithm.
  • Massive confusion over linking, normal news editors don't know what they should and shouldn't link to or how.
  • Do you have to use black hat in some sectors? Yes for viagra and gaming where that is the norm, but in my opinion not in others.
  • Different types of content require different update frequencies. You don't have to update your website all the time, but some content like news and blogs are extremely time bound and therefore should be updated appropriately and in a timely manner.
  • I think some of the discussions regarding recent activities in the UK finance sector might have gone over the heads of a few people.



Fantomaster scares me.

SEO Solutions

i have to agree with the use of multiple domains since it's one of the known tricks that still works in seo


People could really learn a lot from Ralph.

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